The frnech manufacturer is therefore unveiling its new Enduro range for the 2025 model year. A range marked by significant improvements in the cycle parts of the blue and yellow motorcycles. We will also note a major overhaul of the plastics which give a more modern look to these Sherco 2025s. Please note that the 125, 250,300 2-stroke, 250, 300, 450 and 500 4-stroke will be available in Factory 2025 versions, only the 300 2T and 300 4T models will also be available in Racing 2025 versions.

La gamme SHERCO Enduro 2023

SHERCO Factory 2025 pricing

ModèleTypeSHERCO 2025 (All tax incl.)
SHERCO 125 Factory 20252 Stroke9 990€ TTC
SHERCO 250 Factory 20252 Stroke11 150€ TTC
SHERCO 300 Factory 20252 Stroke11 250€ TTC
SHERCO 250 Factory 20254 Stroke12 799€ TTC
SHERCO 300 Factory 20254 Stroke12 999€ TTC
SHERCO 450 Factory 20254 Stroke13 340€ TTC
SHERCO 500 Factory 20254 Stroke13 550€ TTC

SHERCO Racing 2025 pricing

ModèleTypeSHERCO 2025 (All tax incl.)
SHERCO 300 Racing 20252 Stroke9 999€ TTC

SHERCO 125 SE Factory 2025

SHERCO 125 SE Factory 2025

The SHERCO 125 SE Factory is one of the prides of the French factory. Thanks to its supercharged 2 Stroke engine, the 125 SE is ready out to win.

With an impressive torque for the displacement, the block also benefits from an endless extension and reveals its full potential very high in the revs with its programmable SBS electronic valve system.

Armed with the steel chassis made in France, it offers a compromise combining maneuverability with safety in the fastest sections by relying on its set of Kayaba 48mm suspensions specially developed for Sherco by the Japanese factory. At the component level, the 125 SE is adorned with the best equipment available on the market, with mass-cut fork crowns, large-diameter handlebars without bars, an electric starter, an engine shoe, and even hand protectors.

SHERCO 250/300 SE Factory 2025

For big 2T enthusiasts, Sherco offers two alternatives to evolve in the E2 and E3 categories.

Renowned in the closed park for their legendary sound, the 250 and 300 SE SHERCO make the powder speak on the track thanks to their phenomenal torque and maximum power. Agile in crossing, ultra fast in specials, these two machines differ however in terms of character to satisfy the most demanding pilots. Do you have a devastating blow of gas and you like to attack? The 250 will meet your expectations and prove its potential in the towers.

If you are more of a flowing, careful driver looking for efficiency, the 300 will allow you to evolve on a smooth but muscular trickle of gas.
Of course, the cycle part is developed to work in harmony with these engines. Equipped with a Kayaba fork/shock absorber unit whose performance is a benchmark on the market, these machines will take you as quickly as possible to the podium like Léo Le Quéré and Zach Pichon!

SHERCO 300 SE Factory 2025
SHERCO 300 SEF Factory 2025

SHERCO 250/300 SEF Factory 2025

The 300 SEF is one of the bestsellers of the Nîmes factory. It is quite simply the perfect compromise between ease of use and performance on the track.

Its latest-generation injected 4-stroke engine offers linear and solid revs, a constant throttle net and incredible reach to allow you to face any situation in the best possible conditions. The small French 4T engine is also available in 250 for drivers in the E1 category. With the same technical characteristics, only the lower displacement of 50cm3 differentiates it from its big sister.

In action, the 250 and 300 SEF are distinguished by immediate handling, a pleasant driving position, and chassis behavior that works in synergy with the terrain.
Agile in the technique, solid in the fast, the cycle part is unanimously recognized by all the specialized press but also at the highest level of sports in the world.

SHERCO 450/500 SEF Factory 2025

Thrill-seekers, the 450 and 500 SEF are made for you. These are the largest displacements in the Sherco Enduro range, and are the direct result of the involvement of the French factory in the mythical Dakar event.

Reliable, powerful but easy to control, the 450 is an ultra modern enduro machine capable of doing everything. Intended for experienced pilots who want to hunt scratch in competition, it benefits from an ultra handy and light chassis which also allows it to be competitive in specials and in crossings. For those who dream of wide open spaces, the 500 SEF is the ultimate machine, with unlimited power.

Built on the same chassis base as the "small" 4Ts in the range, the 500 is also surprising in "classic" enduro with handling close to that of the 450.

SHERCO 500 SEF Factory 2025
Présentation de la gamme Enduro SHERCO 2023
Présentation de la gamme Enduro SHERCO 2023
Présentation de la gamme Enduro SHERCO 2023
Présentation de la gamme Enduro SHERCO 2023